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Monday, January 7, 2008

in saree

Usually if a girl from Mumbai lands at the southern Tinselville, she should either possess that magical face like Aishwarya Rai or irresistible oomph like Simran. However when it comes to Jyothika she is at major disadvantage in both these departments. As a matter of fact Jyothika's face is opined to be one of the least photogenic faces to grace the Tamil screen.

Besides, overall build of Jyothika is also nothing great to rave about to regard her as a true successor for shapely Simran or voluptuous Ramba. In spite of these major limitations this girl could still bag roles opposite bigwigs like Kamal, Vijay and Ajeetkumar. This definitely puzzles many in the industry, who invariably turn green with envy when they look at the meteoric raise of this lucky sister of Nagma.


Blogger Sharmila Valli said...

Hi Revathi,
I came across your blog by chance as I have a google alert on Jyothika and Surya. When I first saw the posting 'in saree' - a rather negative comment on Jo, my first impulse was to shoot of an angry comment. When I looked at all the other postings then I realised that this was not your personal view but rather postings or news that you lifted from elsewhere and placed it in your blog.

Whoever wrote this piece must be very shallow and has some facts wrong. Firstly, Aishwarya is a Southerner by birth because she hails from Karnataka although she grew up mainly in Mumbai. I do not agree that Jo's face is 'one of the least photogenic faces' to grace the screen. Her beauty is different from Aishwarya. Jo has a very arresting face that is full of emotions and live. And it has a very appealing girl-next-door look, one of the reasons why she managed to gain a huge foot hold in the Tamil movie goer's hearts. And she is an excellent actress although sadly only few films managed to showcase this aspect of her such as Kaaka kaaka, Perazhagan, Sillendru Oru Kadhal and of course Mozhi.

Keep up the good work and please update your blog regularly. Since you stay in Chennai I am assuming it is far easier for you to get news about her and surya than for the likes of me who is in Malaysia


January 7, 2008 at 10:11 PM  

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